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Check out this guy’s vid and vote, vote, vote!...

Posted Jul 01 2010 11:40am

Check out this guy’s vid and vote, vote, vote! Gracias.

chrislikesstuff :

You may or may not have heard about Sean or his youtube channel Underground Wellness. Well, just a few days ago he submitted his bid for a brand new Oprah show that will be given away to one potential winner. All he needs are the votes to win it. If you haven’t heard of him and his channel, here are some of the things he advocates:

1. Pharmaceutical companies are destroying people’s health

2. The media and the public has been lying about health

3. Counting calories just doesn’t cut it

4. The modern food supply has been hijacked by big corporations (especially GMOs)

5. Organic, whole foods are the way to go

6. Good, high quality fats are not the cause of high cholesterol

7. Low fat diets to some people are dangerous and can actually increase risk of heart disease and obesity

8. There is no link between cholesterol and heart disease

9. Diets high on grains, soy, and sugars are not the way to go

10. Everybody is different, there is no right type of diet

11. Exercise is key

12. Supports the work done by Weston A. Price, Francis Pottenger, and others

13. Believe that education and entertainment can go hand in hand

and many many more…

A lot of the information he presents are not found in the mainstream. To start getting the real truth out about health and to start getting this information out into the mainstream, he needs your votes. Go to the link posted on top to vote and to check out his audition video. You can also vote as many times as you want. If you’d like to learn more about Sean and his work at Underground Wellness, check out his channel.

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