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Chasing after fads

Posted by Swati S.

I read a very interesting and thought-provoking article that talked about how instead of hopping from one diet to another, it is much more healthy to stick to food that is easily available in the area where we live. For example, people in rural France eat bread, wine, cheese and they are healthy. The Japanese have been eating rice, fish and seaweed forever and it works for them. Maybe it is because the food of a country is influenced by its climactic conditions. I guess the key here is to eat what is locally available, and to exercise moderation. This is just my view. I would love to hear what the rest of you feel about this. Do you think this is the healthy way to go?
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Sure, people eat what's available to them... but some diets are more conducive to weight loss than others. Remember, the Inuits, Eskimos and other northern peoples eat lots of fat to stay warm in the winter. Others, due to poor weather conditions, have limited choices. Look around the world and very few people have the nice strong teeth and long hair that Americans have. Also, many are shorter. These are signs of nutrition deficiencies.
I think you have a point regarding eating what is most available and accessible, but it's more difficult today given the sheer variety of what we have in our grocery stores, etc. Sometimes that's stressful for me, given the sheer amount of ingredients required to cook even the most simple meal. :(
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