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chaos and peace.

Posted Apr 29 2010 9:00am

I am in the midst of quite the week.  Let’s see: a hefty workload and two back-to-back major evening work events, followed by evening social outings, a pre-work doctor’s visit, the final days of my Bikram pass.  A sane person might have prepared for such a marathon week by taking a relaxing Sunday, but no, I had yoga and brunch and theater and errands.  I guess I kind of thrive off a busy schedule.

This blog is not a to-do list, of course [...contrary to what previous posts may say].  I wouldn’t commit to my plans if I didn’t want to take part: I could easily just go to work and come home and go to sleep.  But where would the living be in that?

IMG_2357 a simple side salad, with almond-tamarind dressing and a healthy
sprinkling of dulse.  love the salty-sweet.

When life gets crazy, as it seems to be more and more often lately, I find myself very grounded by my meals.  Last night, as I packed up the following day’s breakfast and lunch to-go while simultaneously preparing dinner, I felt so at ease.

I prepared a plateful of roasted vegetables, because it was apparently  winter yesterday even though it will be summer tomorrow. [40 degrees to 80 degrees in the space of 48 hours?  Sure, that must be normal.]  As  I arranged my coconut-oil-baked fennel, parsnip, and okra alongside my  avocado and soft-boiled eggs, it felt perfect.  It felt necessary.  It  tasted wonderful.  I ate while chatting with my sister and her visiting friends, sipped my glass of three-buck chuck, and felt my mind slow peacefully back to earth.

IMG_2393 a perfect stir fry, coated in black sesame seeds, with a side of
couscous and avocado – because my green guys go with everything.

Sometimes people say that we shouldn’t put too much emphasis on food.   We shouldn’t rely on it to handle our emotions – for comfort, for sadness, for happiness or for anger.  I agree to a point, of course – we do need to be mindful of why we eat.

But, I also find something beautiful about allowing food to hold importance, making it a priority, and letting it be a foundation in our lives.  It is, after all, nourishment that sustains us and gives us life.  Why not let it bring us a bit of peace?

That’s exactly how my meals have felt recently.  Moments of calm amidst the insanity.  Every plate, full of plants and more plants, has brought to me a sense of calm and a little bit of joy.  I’m glad to have that.

Does food ground you when your life becomes busy?  If not, what does?

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