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Posted Aug 13 2009 7:28pm
Hey guys, I've picked up a few new projects and have considerably less time than before. I also don't want this blog to become repetitive with you all constantly seeing pics of the same meals over and over. For these two reasons, I've decided to change the format of the blog a bit. I will not be posting every day, but every few days instead. I will continue posting my workouts for every day of the week, but I'll only post food that is new or interesting instead of every meal. Given that I eat much of the same snacks repeatedly, it would (and probably has) gotten boring for you guys to see them over and over. When I make/try/eat something out of the typical eats I will definitely be posting that. I will do some "day in the life posts" and have a sidebar navigation to them if anyone wants to see my typical eating schedule, eating philosophy, etc.

I will be trying to direct more of the posts on this blog towards exercise series, similar to the towel tone and stability ball series under the Fitness tab of navigation. I will try to more regularly post workout ideas for those of you who are easily bored. I would like this to be more of the focus of the blog in the future.
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