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Cellulite Treatment: How To Eliminate Cellulite

Posted May 07 2009 9:22pm

As described in a previous post, cellulite is the visibility of subcutaneous fat cells and is caused by eating too much protein – specifically cooked protein, as opposed to raw (i.e. dark green leafy vegetables). So applying creams, medication or any advertised treatments you see on TV/online or in magazines will not get rid of your cellulite.


The only treatment (apart from diet change) that can help get rid of cellulite is potentially lymph drainage – a treatment you can get at your local beauty salon. This will speed up the process of your body ridding itself of the excess protein, however if you are just going to eat more junk protein then its not going to help you much. However just as effective in getting your lymph system moving would be to exercise, or to take up rebounding (which seems to be quite popular!) – jumping on a little trampoline. Any movement will help get your lymph system working and ridding itself of toxins.


Cellulite Creams/Lotions

We can all fool ourselves into thinking we are helping the issue with creams, when really we are not. I remember when I was pregnant, hoping to stop myself getting stretch marks by slapping massage oil on my tummy everyday. Of course that wasn’t going to help me and neither would cellulite creams help me!

Creams contain exfoliating agents that have all failed to act as effective treatments for cellulite. Caffeine is usually an active ingredient in these creams, and works by tightening the blood vessels. This can create a temporary smoothing of the skin but has no effect on the cause of cellulite.

On top of this creams get absorbed into the skin and the chemicals within them attract more water. As explained in an earlier post water retention causes fat cells to protrude and thus gives you cellulite, so really by putting creams and lotions on continuously you are adding to the problem and potential appearance of cellulite as the excessive moisture stretches your connective tissue.


Drinking More Water

Although the blood and lymph systems need sufficient water to be able to get rid of the protein, drinking more water doesn’t help eliminate cellulite.


Caffeine & Tea

Using caffeine or tea to draw water out of the cells some people believe helps with the appearance of cellulite. But even so, it doesn’t prevent the cause of cellulite, so can only help on a short term basis. Instead of using something like tea to rid yourself of water, you really need to be limiting your intake of junk proteins – the cause of the water being retained in the first place.


Losing Weight

Unfortunately just losing weight will not help you lose cellulite. Even skinny people get cellulite. If you are lucky you might reduce the visibility of it (if at all) but this will only be slightly.

There are many many more “treatments” for cellulite that simply do not work and this is for the simply reason that they do not solve the cause of the problem. Eliminate the cause. Eliminate the cellulite.


So what do you need to do to eliminate cellulite?

  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits – as much as you desire before every meal and more!
  • Eat plenty of fresh dark leafy greens for amino acids/protein.
  • Eat a low fat diet.
  • Exercise and spend plenty of time outside.
  • Eat as little as possible of dairy products.  Milk products roughen the skin, increase your appetite and can cause cellulite and acne as well as other things (please see my Top 5 Nutrition Lies Ebook - see top of page for details).
  • Eat as little as possible of meat. Try seeing meat as a luxury item, like we used to, and have it on the odd occasion or at the weekend only. We eat far too much meat in the Western world and treat it as a staple food but it is not necessary for a healthy diet and is not necessary for protein. You can get all your protein requirements from a variety and abundance of dark leafy vegetables.
  • Reduce your intake of wheat based products.


For more information about cellulite, please feel free to contact me.


The Truth About Cellulite: What Is It & What Causes It?


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