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Cell Salts

Posted by Kenna M.

On a hot day when I have been active outdoors, I take a little bit of cell salts. My daughter loves 'em because she can be completely depleted of these bio salts and just shine moments after intaking them.

Have you ever heard of them?

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And where can you buy them? Is it a type of salt?
Cell salt are little tablets specific minerals, 12 tissue salts, used to correct symptoms arising from metabolic deficiencies. You can equate them to homeopathy, and may be prescribed by a homeopathic doctor. The 12 cell salts are as follows: * Calcarea fluor (calcium fluoride) * Calcarea phos (calcium phosphate) * Calcarea sulph (calcium sulfate) * Ferrum phos (iron phosphate) * Kali mur (potassium chloride) * Kali phos (potassium phosphate) * Kali sulph (potassium sulfate) * Magnesia phos (magnesium phosphate) * Natrum mur (sodium chloride) * Natrum phos (sodium phosphate) * Natrum sulph (sodium sulfate) * Silicea (silica)
I have never heard of cell salts. Is a homeopathic doctor the only place you can get them, or can you get them from a healthfood store?
Yes, health food store.

I am a naturopathic physician and use Cell Salts all the time successfully on numerous medical conditions.

 They are highly effective for infants, children, elderly and adults as well. Completely safe and no fear of drug or medical interactions. There are two types - lactose tablets or alcohol based.

 You may find them all here:

 Should you have any questions about the use of cell salts for a particular condition, please do ask.

In health,
Dr Ben


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