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Celebrities Discuss Their Eating Disorders and Body Image

Posted Apr 11 2010 10:49pm

Demi Moore recently discussed the end of her lifelong struggle with her body image .  She stated she has come to realize externals do not bring happiness.  I am so encouraged to have famous women discussing their real thoughts about their bodies.  This further emphasizes the point that body image has nothing to do with how you look.  It is a mental state.

It would be hard to argue that Demi Moore is unattractive.  Yet she felt that way.  I’m pretty sure you feel that way sometimes too.  But in your case, you think it is justified.  Well, she did too.   Body Image is a mental state often used to distract you from real feelings under the surface.

You see, if you just focus on your body (instead of work or boyfriend or finances, etc.), it feels like something you can control.  You will just get to the gym everyday and eat less.  Voila!  That should make you happy–to have the body you always wanted.

Have you ever said, “When I get to X number of pounds, then I will LOVE my body”?  If you actually got there with your methods, I’m pretty sure you found what everyone, including Demi, finds:  you are still not happy.  Well, maybe you haven’t lost enough–there are still some trouble areas.  Wrong.  It will never be enough, because changing your body is not the solution. You need to change your attitude about your body.  You need to see body image thoughts for the emotional cover-up they are.

So Kate Beckinsale has also recently stepped out discussing her previous battle with anorexia .  She decided she was either going to die or be a real person.  Not everyone is faced with such a straightforward decision because not everyone is on the brink of death with their disordered eating .  However, if you have a bad relationship with food , you are not really living. You would benefit from choosing to be a real person as well.

Portia de Rossi is releasing a memoir chronicling her struggle with an eating disorder .  Every time a celebrity comes out of the closet about their eating disorder , my heart leaps in my chest.  I am just so grateful that women and girls who try to look like celebs can see it is not healthy or realistic. Even celebrities cannot do it–because that is not how people are really ’supposed to look’.

Next time you turn on the TV or open up a magazine, remind yourself of two things.  First, all of those pictures have been retouched.  Those people do not look like that–you certainly shouldn’t try to.  Second, many of those people are struggling with eating disorders and body image issues. That’s right, the people you want to look like don’t even like the way they look. Love the real you–honor your genes, not your jeans.

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