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Carol Seavitt

Posted Oct 25 2008 4:48pm

Carol_family_jason( Family photo of Carol Seavitt, her husband Mike, and their two kids, Luke and Brooke )

I received an amazing, inspiring story last week from Carol Seavitt of Rochester, N.Y., after apost about Dr. T. Colin Campbell's upcoming Web site for people who have been helped by adopting a plant-based diet. Carol is a wonderful example of someone who has intergrated both conventional and "alternative" methods of treatment on her healing path. She commented:

"My oncologist is amazed: One year ago I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer (recurrence from 9 years ago). Since I started on the macrobiotic diet, my life has changed and it has astonished my doctor and the nurses. My mass in my breast is gone; the metastatic disease to the bone is 'healing' and my sleep has never been better. The holistic approach of mind, body and soul (along with the prescribed medication) is working and I thank you Meg for pointing me is this direction last year (thru the Internet). You are my blessing."

Carol later wrote:

"Hello Meg,
You are amazing and as I have said in the past, you are my inspiration to a very long life.  Your website has been included in many of my 'referral' e-mails to friends with medical challenges — and I know they also appreciate you. 
When I was diagnosed here in Rochester, I was not feeling real confident regarding the suggested protocol. So, I went for a second opinion at Sloan Kettering. The doctor at Sloan agreed with the medical approach as prescribed by the oncologist here in Rochester (Dr. Shayne). Additionally, I pursued a naturopathic doctor because my disease was advanced. Here are the two that have been helping my journey: 
Oncologist: Dr. Michelle Shayne (Wilmot Cancer Center) in Rochester, NY
Naturopathic: Dr. Deanna Berman (Ithaca, NY)
Dr. Shayne has been extremely supportive of the macrobiotic diet.  She also asked if I would talk with some of her other patients who are looking for 'the rest of the story' (after chemotherapy). We don't have anyone in this area (counselors) with macrobiotic influence; however, the grocery store (Wegmen's) has a vegan bar — with macrobiotic foods!!! I've been 'self taught' thru Internet and books (Kushi). ..."

Carol wrote a more detailed version of her healing story for the Amazing, Inspiring Stories area of my Web site. Please take a look!And have a great weekend. 

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