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Cardio Crushing with Tone It Up

Posted Jan 10 2013 7:30am

Just like everyone else and their mother, I was at the gym on Monday. I had a goal to get sweaty at Zumba. Unfortunately I have no idea how to read a calendar and the time of the class had changed for the new year. The front desk people kindly suggested that I workout while I wait. Umm…I got there at 4:30 and class was at 6:30. I don’t think so.

Instead I busted out my phone and got on the Tone It Up website to check out their latest cardio routine. Then I got to work!


The ladies at Tone It Up are doing another challenge to start the year off called the Love Your Body series. It is a six week fitness challenge. You know I love a challenge!

They send out emails, post workouts, videos, recipes, etc. They also give out prizes for check-ins on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. My favorite part of this challenge is that they are also doing vlogs throughout the six weeks. In addition to liking the TIU nutrition plan and workouts, I like hearing them talk. Creepy? Yes. But I think they are just too cute! I want to be friends with them. Be sure to check out this link for even more info on the challenge. It doesn’t require you to be a weirdo creeper.

Back to working out…I busted out my phone and saw that they had the Cardio Crusher workout posted.

I was ready to tackle the elliptical so I hopped on and went at it. I have never really done any kind of interval work outside of maybe one of my group fitness classes and this was an instant sweat inducer. I have a tendency to get a little bored and distracted when on workout machines and that is why I usually attend group classes. I loved having a written down workout like this because the time just flew by as I was following along. It kept me at a good pace instead of the turtle crawl I can sometimes move towards when I am just doing it on my own.  It also helped that Roseanne had back to back episodes on while I was there. ;)

Fun Fact: One of the most popular posts on my blog that brings folks to my site is an elliptical workout that I posted from FitSugar .

I kept the momentum up on Tuesday by doing an at home workout, also courtesy of the TIU girls. Tuesdays are typically one of my longer days at work so I can’t really stomach the gym. Too many people. Too much smells. Too much of too much. Instead I rolled out the yoga mat and did their Love Your Total Body workout.


Enter video caption here

When I was all finished I posted my check-in to Instagram and was surprised the next morning to see feedback from TIU themselves. I was giddy. Seriously. I felt all kinds of loved! Is this what Bieber fans feel like when he retweets one of them?!

If you are looking for a new bike, elliptical or treadmill routine, definitely check out the TIU website. Enjoy the sweat!


Later this week I will be trying another one of their cardio routines, but tonight is dedicated to my love, Zumba. There is a studio that opened at THE END OF MY STREET. I have to go and try it out. Fingers crossed!

PS. I’m on the hunt for new sneakers. I have some serious under-pronation. Any tips?!

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