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Candy Corn Conundrum

Posted Oct 20 2008 11:22pm

So I love candy corn.

And it’s everywhere right now, and oh so cheap. When I eat it, I smile, thinking of my dad, who could (proudly) literally eat a bag in one sitting.

Like those Reese’s commercials that talk about “there’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s,” I’ve decided to liken that to candy corn consumption.

I buy the Autumn Mix (Brach’s, only) and I chew off the top part (the brown or yellow) and toss the rest of the corn points. I am not sure which I like more: Indian corn, or regular old-fashioned candy corn.

(The new versions — like caramel corn and candy apple or chocolate caramel corn — are GROSS).

Then when it comes to the pumpkins, I bite off the green “stem” and leave the rest.

Often I’ll call my dad to tell him I’m eating his favorite treat and I can “hear” him smiling and then saying, “I can eat a whole bag!” as though it’s a badge of honor or something (our dentists hate us!).

I’ve been buying a little bag almost every day … taking the tops off some of the pieces and chucking the bag after a serving (or two) since the bag serves 6 and I fear eating 6 servings!

I realize these are wasted, empty calories. And I also realize I eat them one month a year. (Like jellybeans!)

But it occured to me today that I’m better off just not buying them; I need to be “over” candy corn. It’s pure sugar!!!

Hence, the conundrum. I love candy corn and don’t eat it any other time of year … but I’m abusing it. So I need to stop buying it.

I’ll vow here to make today Day One sans candy corn … the treat is certainly not helping my weight loss efforts any!

How about you? Do you like candy corn? Is there another seasonal food you love?

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