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Can you lose weight like a Celebrity Mom?

Posted Aug 19 2009 6:17pm

Gwyneth_paltrow1Angelina Jolie

That’s the question I asked Ray Salomone personal trainer and wellness activist.

I still remember when Jane Seymour appeared in a form fitting dress on one of those award shows three weeks after giving birth to twins and she looked like she was never pregnant at all.

I remember the press kept going on and on about how perfect her little body looked post-pregnancy.

I know that many other celebrities look so incredible so quickly after giving birth and I also know that friends of mine who have babies find it far more challenging to get back to their pre-baby weight.

I will concede that most Hollywood celebrity female stars have the money to hire a celebrity personal chef and a celebrity personal trainer and that most regular women cannot but that’s not the real explanation behind Hollywood’s rapid post-baby weight loss and Ray Salome will explain why!

Ray Salomone lets us know exactly how Hollywood celebrity moms lose the weight so quickly:

Have you ever wondered how so many Hollywood celebrities can get back to their skinny and sexy bodies right after having a baby?

Does this leave you frustrated?

Are you tired of seeing headlines that scream: “How I Lost the Baby Weight in 2 weeks”?

A combination of many emails and my brewing disgust at the celebrity magazines and their coverage of “How I Lost The Baby Weight in 2 weeks” have compelled me to finally expose the sham behind what has frustrated women all over the world.

Remember, I train celebrities and I am forced at times to put up with their unbelievable nonsense. So here’s the deal.

When a celebrity gives birth (often by a scheduled, voluntary c-section) many immediately receive a tummy tuck. Once they are home, they bring in their (already assembled and waiting in the wings) team of professionals whose sole duty is to get the celeb back into red carpet shape. Often a publicity deal is already in the works with a magazine selected to cover her miraculous return to the spot light.

This team is made up a personal trainer, a masseuse, yoga instructor, Pilates instructor, nutritionist and personal chef. More often than not, little pills are often taken. (Remember the Rolling Stones song, “Mother’s Little Helper”?) They devote their entire day to this. Every other annoyance is taken care for them. Changing diapers? Please!

Losing sleep? Makes for a great sound bite but it’s not the truth.

During this 4-6 week hunker down, the new baby is rarely seen. The child is in the care of a full time staff.

(Note: When a celebrity says “my babysitter” what she really means is my full-time nannies”)

Also, notice how they all say, “Breastfeeding helped me to lose the weight.” Yeah right! Breastfeeding and weight loss has NO connection. Most of them couldn’t be bothered to breast feed anyway. The horror!

So ladies, please give yourself a break. It took you nine months to gain the weight, give yourself nine months to lose it. Believe nothing you read in the magazines. Enjoy the experience of your newborn. Eat healthfully. Exercise when you can. As the weeks and months go by, your baby will get into a routine, and then so can you. And now you can have yours.


Ray Salomone

Personal Trainer and Wellness Activist


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