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Can You Just Be Real?

Posted Oct 03 2012 2:00pm
Dr Mommy Online

Have you heard the saying – ‘Be Real Man, Just Be Real’. It seems to be one that is repeated quite often. However, I’m not sure the meaning is understood. Is it truly that difficult to Be Real?

Perhaps what is meant by the phrase  to ‘Be Real’ is to be you and not try to be someone or something that you’re not. As a parent, one of the lessons taught is to be authentic, be real, be you and don’t try to be someone that you aren’t. This is a very difficult lesson for children, especially if they have insecurities. Many of these same children have grown into adults and have never shed the insecurities from their childhood.

For those adults that have a difficult time being real it’s time to look in the mirror. Who are you trying to be? Who are you trying to impress? More importantly, who are you trying to convince? It’s time to dig deep within you and understand that you are very, very special. There is a reason we are all different. Sure, there are people who may look alike and perhaps may act similarly but deep down each person is an individual and different. 

Being real will bring the contentment that so many long for. Accepting yourself is the first step of becoming the ‘real you’. Repeat these words – I am special, I am important, I matter. Stop listening to others or associating yourself with others that don’t think the same.

Don’t be something that you are not. Eventually it will catch up to you and become truly overwhelming. If it is love you are searching, you must first love the person you are before anyone will love you. This is a lesson that is difficult but can truly be achieved. Speaking from experience, it is well worth the wait to find the person who will love you for all that you are. Be real. 

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