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Can One Meal Kill You?

Posted by Lela D.

Does it ever seem to you that in trying to stay healthy we just can't seem to catch a break? Recent research shows that just one high-fat meal can increase the stress on your heart and arteries. I would tend not to believe such so called science if it were not for my occasional trip to our local House of MSG - aka my favorite Chinese food buffet. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of healthy choices on the line, but lately I've been tempted by the spring rolls, eggs rolls, and those horrible little cream cheese crab numbers. I swear my plate looks like the deli case at your local convenience store. I'm not even sure it counts as food. My point is this - when I eat that bounty of fried food, I swear to you I can feel my heart pumping. I have to go home and lie down on the couch and pray I don't die from bad Chinese food. At least now I know I'm not imagining my heart palpitations! Read the hard news here.
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Hi Lela, your post sounds really good - I want to read article but it doesn't seem to have attached

I think the question should be can one MORE bad meal kill you?

If your fit and well eating a  Plantarian style diet the odd bad meal should be something your body can cope with.

If you constantly bombard your body with junk food and deprive it of vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid and anti oxidant rich food then yes - one more could quite easily push you over the edge and send you on your way to hospital.

The good news is some of the damage can be reversed - Look at Bill Clinton - The Big Mac president is now following a Plantarian diet and is reversing the condition that led to his open heart operation.



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