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Can Fat Fight Fat?

Posted Apr 23 2010 6:34am
When I first started studying nutrition it took me a while to wrap my head around the concept of “healthy fats”. From the time I hit my 30s it seemed that ‘fat free’ foods (Nabisco’s Snackwell cookies, chips, et al) took over the shelves of my local supermarket.

Funny thing is the more fat-free foods I consumed, the heavier I became!!

These days I focus on staying away from any foods that are packaged in colorful cardboard boxes and actually make certain to include healthy fats as part of my daily calorie intake.

My focus? Plenty of Omega-3's which is found in fish and fish oil, plants such as flaxseed, walnuts and soybeans.

Interestingly, research suggests that over-weight and obese people tend to have lower level of Omega-3 fatty acids than their healthy size counterparts. These results are in line with other research that suggests that Omega-3 supplementation may play a role in weight loss and preventing weight gain.

How is it that Omega-3 fatty acids can help fight fat? Omega-3's may increase thermogenesis - the process by which the body generates heat. Research also suggests that Omega-3's boosted satiety in overweight and obese individuals resulting in them eating less.

Bottom line: A diet supplemented with Omega promotes losses of body fat with simultaneous gains in lean mass.

Train hard; stay strong.


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