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Calorie Counting-It Can Be Beneficial

Posted May 02 2008 3:01pm

I wanted to comment on the last part of my last post Calorie Counting Confusion. Here is what it read:

Calorie counting inspires food disorders. An obsession with numbers is not only time consuming, it also fuels our obsession with food and the scale. This is not a natural relationship with food, and can lead to a lifetime of eating disorders.

I do agree to some extent that calorie counting can become obsessive and at times create problems. But it can also be beneficial to someone who is just starting out on their healthy nutrition path. When any of my clients are struggling to see results, I always suggestion counting calories. It gives them AND me an idea of how many calories they are eating and what exactly they are putting in their mouths. After they have done it for about a month and have a good idea of how much food to be eating and the right amounts, I tell them they can stop. Then when it comes time to adjust their calories again, due to weight loss or muscle gain (or both), they track calories for a while again.

For myself, I usually burn around 2000-2200 calories per day, so I need to make sure I am eating ENOUGH calories for my body, so I count calories. Now I don’t do this everyday, but most days, I do. I need to be eating calories in the 1700-1800 to keep from losing muscle.

How do you feel about counting calories? Is it a waste of time or do you find it to be beneficial to helping you reach your fitness goals?

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