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Calorie Counting: Are New Yorkers Skipping Sweets & Other Foods Now Because Of the High Calorie Count?

Posted Oct 02 2008 3:12pm 1 Comment

Stephen J. Dubner, author of the bestselling book Freakonomics, raises an interesting topic in today's Freakonomics blog.

He wonders if people in New York eating any differently now that calorie counts are posted in restaurants with more than 15 oulets.

Noting that the new regulations present a "great opportunity for obesity researchers," Dubner recommends delving into whether or not calorie-sensitive behavior occurs at certain times of day, days of the week or even types of days (holiday vs. workday, bad weather vs. good, etc.)

He also encourages learning about whether or not these calorie counts "shock people into buying/eating differently" and if so how long that shock lasts.

Intriguing questions, but I'd like to recommend that New Yorkers take things personally.

In other words, don't leave the studying up to the obesity researchers? Instead, Big Apple residents (or visitors), study your behavior and see just how these calorie counts affect you.

Rather than get upset with the city for taking such a bold stance, regard this as an opportunity to learn more about what you put into your mouth, because the better foods you eat, the better you feel.

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