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Calorie and nutrition content should be obvious when you eat out

Posted Feb 13 2010 3:00pm


Feature presented by Colleen our Editorial Assistant

When you go to a supermarket to pick out your week’s worth of groceriesoftentimes you look at the nutrition list on the products you purchase. So is it that much of a stretch to expect the same privilege when you’re going out to eat?

It’s odd that some kind of program like this hasn’t officially been introduced yet.

There’s talk of a possible law in the U.S. that would require chain restaurants and fast-food places to reveal that information to the public.

You would probably think twice about getting a burger at one of the drive-through counters if you really knew how many calories you were eating or how low the nutritional value some of these quick meals were. On the other handthis system could also be a benefit. Some fast-food joints might promote their healthier choices instead of their fattier options.

>>> Would you also like to know the calorie and nutrition content when you’re out at a restaurant?

Maybe it would help those out who don’t have the time to make every meal for themselves because eating out has become a lifestyle choice. I think having the option to know what you’re eating and how it will affect your body is important but I also think going out to eat is an experience that might be dampened by looking at the calorie content. That saidthis would be essential for those who eat out many times per week.

There were a couple of studies done in New York to see if menu labelling would encourage people to eat foods with lower calories and they found that people didn’t care as much as they thought they would.

> Here’s a great report from the Washington Post: Could menu labelling make American fatter?

I’m not saying this type of system is for everybody but there is an obvious obesity problem in North America. Of course there are times when I don’t want to see the number of calories that I’m eating at every place I eat because I do want to indulge myself with a piece of chocolate ganache cake or I want to munch a few fries as a treat. Butif you’re constantly eating out in unhealthy restaurants or picking the worst options on the menuyou should know.

Maybe you don’t want to count calories but maybe you want to know what nutrients you are and aren’t getting when you eat out.

>>> So would you like to see nutritional labelling when eating out?

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