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Caffeine Quota in Soft Drinks

Posted by Heather J.

How much caffeine is in that can of soda? Right now, soft drink manufacturers do not list caffeine content on their labels, but as they say in the south (where I’m from), they’re “fixin’ to.” In the meantime, here’s the skinny:

Diet Mountain Dew: 55 mg

Mountain Dew: 55 mg

Diet Coke: 46 mg

Diet Dr Pepper: 44 mg

Dr. Pepper: 43 mg

Pepsi: 39 mg

Diet Pepsi: 37 mg

Coke: 34 mg

Regardless of the caffeine content, soda is not a good beverage choice. Soda contains too many chemicals, additives, artificial flavor, and preservatives to be good for anything (except eating away battery acid). Healthier options include water (jazzed up with lemon or lime), real fruit juice, or low fat milk.

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Unsweetened soda water is another healthy beverage choice, especially for those who crave and enjoy the carbonation of soda. Talking Rain and some other companies make flavored varieties, but watch out for sweetened (either with sugar or artificial sweeteners) soda water that looks like water but is often just as bad as soda!
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