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Busy Morning turns into Busy Evening

Posted Jul 29 2009 12:00am

Today was pretty slow at work and when things are slow I tend to be bored, which leads to a hungry stomach for no reason. I don’t think my lunch filled me up too much because I was hungry all afternoon. It looked pretty though.

003 (2)

I took the eggplant, mozzarella, tomato, and lettuce from a sandwich that was leftover from the family function last night, and added to it deli meat ham, and kale. I put all of this on top of a whole wheat tortilla. It sure was yummy, but it left me hungry in the afternoon. I ate some fruit and a small bag of almonds (not pictured), and I was STILL hungry. I hate when this happens because I didn’t even go running today.

I found a great recipe for my salmon tonight on Meghann’s blog, and it was scrumptious! I am so glad I prepared my dinner in the morning because by the time I got home I was starving-just as I thought. I quickly whipped up the yogurt sauce from this Martha Stewart Recipe for roasted salmon with herbed yogurt, but changed it around a little. I made it with
*1 5oz container of OIKOS plain greek yogurt
*2 heaping tbs of Maille Mustard
*herbs de provence
* 5 tbs lemon juice
*salt and pepper to taste

I LOVED my re-creation of this. It was really flavorful, and may have been a little too powerful (I did add a lot of mustard and lemon juice), but when eaten with the plain rice it was the perfect combination. This was so easy, and I will definitely cook this again. I loved the flavor it gave the salmon. A nice comforting taste with a little tang.

006 (2)
007 (2)

What’s even better is we have tons of leftovers for lunch and dinner tomorrow. I love when that happens!

Well I’m off to bed since tomorrow is the long run day, and I better get motivated! Night all!

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