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Busy, busy, bee

Posted Dec 02 2009 1:55am

Hola amigos!

I’m sorry about the major lack of posts in the last few days. I’ve been BUSY. In the past couple of days, I’v made serious progress on my final paper for my Geohazards class. (3200 out of 5000 down! Hurrah!), planned my final week or two in Ireland/Sweden, and practiced some music for m ensemble. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but research papers – especially about events in developing countries – are rather time consuming! Not to mention classes, friends, and all that jazz!

I don’t have any amazing stories this time around. Nor do I have absolutely amazing food – I’ve had to stick to basics that don’t take a ton of time or planning.

Roasted veggies and pasta

Roasted Butternut Squash and Brussels Sprouts

Strawberry Protein Oatmeal

Chocolate Almond Oatmeal

I’ll try to get recipes up soon. I have exams to study for – 3 on Tuesday! Yikes!


Oikos Organics and Eden Fantasys from Leslie

24 Hour Giveaway from Heather

Artisana Giveaway from Katie

Truvia from Cinci

Kay’s Naturals from Jenny

Mmkay. Off to work! Class! Papers!

Love you all!

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