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Business as Usual

Posted Jan 04 2010 6:27am

The holidays are over. We have moved into our new house and are mostly settled. A formal complaint was filed yesterday over the lack of home cooked meals and several informal complaints have also been filed over the lack of regular posts in recent weeks as well. It would appear that I am officially out of excuses for not cooking or blogging per usual. Your break is over lady, time to get back to work.

As life inches it’s way back toward “normal”, I got up early to enjoy some quiet time while the gang slept. I skipped running with the group today because these group runs are pretty expensive in the way of time. We are always gone for an hour and while I enjoy hour long runs on cold, icy dark streets as much as you do – I needed time today to dig out all the winter gear and extra layers for our homeschooly adventure in the woods this morning. Fortunately, a journey into the woods completely qualifies as exercise in my mind and I therefore felt justified giving my running sneakers the morning off while I instead made breakfast and packed snacks for today’s outing.

This sample of Bob’s Red Mill Museli was part of the swag from the race on New Years Day. Today seemed like as good a day as any to try it out.


I made it with yogurt today “like the Swiss do” (that’s what it said on the package) but I used 2% Fage instead of regular yogurt. Like the Greek do, I suppose?

The ingredients list oats, wheat, rye, barley, almonds, dates, flaxseed and walnuts. I didn’t see any flax seeds to speak of so I added a few shakes of my own. (Ground flax also of Bob’s Red Mill fame.)

from the side

Mixed with Greek yogurt and almond milk to soak for a few hours this morning. Topped with sliced banana and recently restocked almond butter. I think I ran out of almond butter two weeks ago? Almond butter, I have missed you. It’s been too long. TOO. LONG.

staying power

Post breakfast, enough snacks to feed a small army were assembled.


Well, really it’s all about keeping the troops from getting too cranky in the cold, the littlest general is the one I’m mainly concerned about.

Snacks packed, winter gear dug out – it’s time to roll peeps! Duty calls.

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