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Bus-Stop Workout

Posted Jan 28 2010 12:00am

Photo by Loudahi Djamal

Because when you’re desperate, you do what you gotta do.

I think I speak for all living in my region: if you survived Waterloo today, congratulations.

Congratulations, Aletheia. There were probably at least 8 times today where I felt like revoking my Canadian citizenship.

Meanwhile, obligated for the time being to tolerate snowsqualls and windgusts that convinced me that I might as well be living in the Tundra – I had another problem:

An empty fridge.

No greens? No smile. :(

And so I decided to take a risk and try a bus trip to the grocery store.

Now, I usually don’t like to classify my choices as being “bad” or “good” – I don’t believe that decisions are inherently good or bad: what really matters is what you do with the consequences – but if I didn’t know better, I’d say that taking this trip was a .

This trip cost me 1 hour and 57 minutes.  Ouch, my precious life. I ended up missing a planned plyometrics routine, missing lunch again (how ironic!), missing my next class, AND the worst part of it all? I had to wait outside, in Tundra-like weather, for the next bus, which didn’t come until 40 minutes afterwards. After successfully resisting peer pressure and social comparison for 4 years (you can get your license at 16), I guess all it took was one nasty trip and 40 minutes in the freezing cold to convince me: I need to learn how to drive.

But I had other things to worry about. Like toes that were starting to freeze, despite the promise on the tags that my sturdy Cougars could keep the feet warm up to -32 deg C weather. (I guess it was actually colder than that. Not at all impossible.) But there were still another 38 minutes! What was I going to do?! So. In a desperate attempt to stay warm and entertained, I started working out. Right there. In the bus stop shelter.

Inspired by a video I saw of Craig Ballantyne (Turbulence Training) last night, who was doing push-ups in the snow with his dog (his voice rang in my head : “No excuses, you have no excuses not to work out…” ) I decided just to go for it. Why not, right? Here are some of the exercises I did:

1. Kettlebell squats.

I took the handles of my grocery bag (probably 7-10 lbs or so) and did the squats while lifting as shown in Craig’s video.

2. River dance.

With my backpack on.

3. Jumping jacks.

4. Stationary Lunges.

5. Hurdler hop.

Stand with feet together, elbows bent 90 degrees. Engage abs and hop from one foot to the other, raising leg up and out to side as you bend it. Allow arms to move freely to help balance.

6. Soaring eagle.

Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms down. Squat, leaning torso forward and extending arms behind you, palms facing ceiling. Explode up, reaching arms and legs wide. Land with knees soft, feet hip-width apart, and squat low again.

Fortunately, it was just me at the bus stop.  I’m sure there were other exercises but mainly they consisted of jumping around a 4 metre-squared area in random fashion, so as not to turn into a human popsicle. Most of these exercises (and the last two descriptions) are from – their plyometrics workout is AWESOME!

I leave you now with pictures of my first *gratuitous* product from work. :D

Free cold-pressed Avocado Oil? I’ll take it! (The real question is: How did my manager know that I eat avocados for breakfast? And for lunch and for dinner, for that matter?) As you can see, I decided to picture it alongside my already-eaten-into half an avocado… Um, yum?

I haven’t opened the bottle yet though. Truth be told, I kinda like looking at it. Not only does it look nice, but what’s more, I’m afraid that when I open it, I’ll have not a clue what to do with it. I want to make something that will really showcase its distinctive flavour.

Suggestions? Have you ever used avocado oil before? If you have, what did you make with it? If you haven’t, WHAT WOULD YOU MAKE WITH IT?!

Other questions: Audrey recently wrote a post on natural beauty products. Honestly, I haven’t really dabbled with those yet – my main experience with natural products has been in the domain of food and nutrition – and not even that much in terms of supplements and vitamins or powders – but my new job will definite necessitate some probing. The good thing is that I will most likely have access to all of these products for free. :) So the question becomes : what are the health products that I want to try? Again – suggestions? Is there a particular health product you’ve always wondered about and want to see reviewed? I”m officially volunteering myself as a guinea pig. Once a scientist, always a scientist.

First day of work = tomorrow! Woohoo! :) Hopefully, the bus trek won’t require another bus-stop workout. Because desperation can only take you so far, before it turns into madness.

Next post…

Keepin’ da Doc away…

With a fancy twist on apple salad! :)

For now, stay warm folks!!

-Aletheia :)

Eat your carrots with your avocado! Since carotenoids are fat-soluble and avocados are an excellent source of mono-unsaturated fat, studies have shown that eating these two foods together can increase carotenoid absorption and bioavailability – by up to 10 times!


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