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Burger Sunday

Posted Aug 03 2008 6:02pm
Well thegymwas quite successful today. And by successful I mean I actually went. Its tough when you're all comfy on the couch (and your cute boyfriend is sitting next to you), to get up and go. When I do the gym in the morning, I usually just get dressed and walk out the door, no sitting around for me-I'll never make it back up again. I did the usual10 min StairMaster, various arms/abs and 35 min elliptical. I wanted to finish with a run, but it was getting kind of late and Rob and I still had other errands to take care of. I was happy though because my HRM said I was 49 Min in the zone. A personal record!! :)

For lunch I had a veggie burger on a toasted whole wheat English muffin with cheddar cheese, pickles and ketchup. It was so delicious, I could eat these everyday. Since it was later in the day, I just had the burger for lunch, I wanted to keep it kind of light.

Doesn't look like a veggie burger huh?? I had a few more pickles and some olives while making the sandwich.

After a wonderful and relaxingnapthis afternoon, I got around to making dinner. I decided to make theSpanikopita BurgersfromTina's blog. There is almost nothing I love more when it comes to food than spinach and feta cheese (if ya haven't noticed), so these just sounded perfect!

I altered the recipe slightly by using fresh baby spinach, no butter and some egg whites to hold it all together. We had corn on the cob (with some smart balance) with dinner. I also dipped my burger in some Greek salad dressing.

OK.........Holy Delicious!!!These were amazing!! Like I had any doubts, but still!! They were way filling. I highly recommend making these soon!!

Rob and I also had some wine from the wine tour we went on a while back. This one was a semi-dry red fromStever Hill Vineyards. This stuff is so good, Rob and I ordered some more from the winery :)

Ha, I'm noticing that my day had a "burger" theme! I definitely didn't do that on purpose. I guess it was just something I was craving.

I'm in the middle of reading"The Pact"by Jodi Picoult and I cannot put it down. Usually, I can't be distracted by anything while reading, but I'm finding myself picking it up while Rob is watching TV and becoming completely engrossed in the story. Off to read! :)
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