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Buns In The Oven

Posted Jan 07 2009 4:30pm

Hahaha buns as in ROLLS =)

I hope your Tuesday is going well. I received some less than stellar news this morning that I have to have some minor surgery done on Thursday morning but I’m trying not to let it get me down. I’ll still be participating in my yoga weekend ( hopefully!! ) but just will be restricted to a soft food diet for a few days and plenty of rest. Good thing I got just got the vitamix, right?!

In regards to my bread, I decided to make walnut sourdough rolls instead of loaves this time. I weighed each piece out to 2 oz and they are proofing right now….I’ll be baking them off at 1:00! They are a beautiful purple color because of the oil in the walnuts. I can’t wait to tear into one!! I made them into rolls instead because they are reminiscent of these AMAZING hazelnut rolls I used to buy at a tiny Paris boulangerie when I lived there. Mmmmm I can still taste them……..


After shaping the rolls, I settled down to do a 60 minute morning flow from YogaDownloads. I had just downloaded it and was pleasantly surprised at how advanced it was—-there was a part at the end dedicated to inversions (my favorite!!) and working on handstand, which I definitely have not mastered yet. I took the time to work further on my forearm balance and finally was able to get myself up and STAY up without the help of a wall. It felt wonderful!

For lunch I had tuna salad on a tomato wrap. I used 1 pouch light tuna, about 2 tbsp-ish light canola oil mayo, 2 stalks celery and a pinch of curry powder. I also threw a piece of smoked provolone cheese on there and had a pear on the side.



So, I start my orientation today at 4. Lucky me, it is being held at the Publix that’s only about a quarter mile from my house! I should be done at about 8 tonight and then I have to pick up my dad at the airport at 10. They are providing dinner for us tonight and tomorrow and I think its just a Publix sub. Unfortunately though, I cannot take pictures because (and I didn’t know this until I totally got busted doing it) Publix and Greenwise stores do not allow any photography to be taken inside! Crazy, huh?! And I don’t want to be “that girl” at my orientation trying to break the rules before I even start my job! So, I’m really sorry but I will do a recap of what dinner is when I come home tonight and also take a picture of my lovely rolls for yall so you don’t get too bored. ;)

Have a fantastic afternoon and I will be back tonight when I get home!

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