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Build Strong Bones And Stop Bone Loss

Posted Feb 10 2011 11:55am
Bones lose density starting around the age of thirty five, yet you can stop bone loss. Understanding how our bodies build strong bones is not difficult. Incorporating the right foods and sometimes adding supplements to our diet, gives our biological processes what they need to do the job.

We don't need to know how it all happens, our physical systems know exactly what to do. A nutritious diet, exercise, some sunshine, and good sleep will keep your skeleton strong and better able to withstand accidents and injuries.

Bone diseases like osteopenia or osteoporosis can be prevented, and reversed. Individuals have been known to not only avoid continued degeneration of their bone density, but to gain 20% density in their bones. All with completely natural means.

We don't hear that much about vitamin K, such as we do in television ads that promote vitamin C, something we all heard about lifelong. It may less familiar, yet it is an important bone-boosting vitamin.

The K2 form of this vitamin is the element that carries calcium into the bone cells in your body. It helps calcium adhere to the protein in your bones called osteocalcin, resulting in increased bone density and a stronger skeleton.

You eat foods every day that contain vitamin K: egg yolks, organ meats and organic whole milk. Well okay, not many people eat organ meats daily, yet they are nutritious in many ways.

Even better sources are cruciferous vegetables. Chard, Brussels sprouts, kale, and cauliflower are good choices. Also excellent, not cruciferous, is spinach. (Remember Popeye)?

Adding parsley to your daily salads is another means of eating vitamin K.

Vitamin D is important: at, The National Institutes of Health Fact Sheet on Vitamin D gives you a ton of information if you love the details. Vitamin D is related to calcium absorption, so plays a major role in building bone.

Weight bearing exercise is another factor. You use it, you don't lose it. The Pace exercise program is perfectly designed to do this.

Learn more about an exercise program to build strong bones. And visit us to get a supplement that gives you your daily greens - ULTRA GREENS, and you will be helping your body to stop bone loss.
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