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Brunch at Cafe Vue 401 + Julia & Julia

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:04pm

All French kissed on a Saturday

SO I woke up this morning with no plans apart from my itch to see the new foodie movie Julia & Julia. Despite sending the movie trailer link, no one wanted to see this film because they were on the assumption that it was some art house/women in love type of film and were mortified that I’d even suggested such a chick flick. Yes, that is partially true, I admit that. However, the reason why I wanted to see Julia & Julia was that just like other greats- Eat, Drink Man Woman, Soul Food and What’s Cooking; the movie was all about food damn it!


After much bribery (a choc top and drink), I managed to get one, yes, just one friend to come with. Geeze… And of course, it felt like I was dragging a little kid to a dentist appointment. Perhaps I should have just organised a movie meet with my fellow foodies instead *sighs*

Now having seen the film, there were the Barry Manilow moments, but overall, it achieved the most vital tasks:


  1. Made me drool
  2. Made me laugh
  3. Helped me decide where to eat after
  4. Built up my appetite
  5. Made me hit my friend due to my excitement during the film
  6. More drooling (Chocolate Cream Pie scene had me all beady eyed)


Thanks to the movie, it had also reminded of the newly opened Cafe Vue at 401 St Kilda Rd, which is just a 10 minute stroll from my joint. I’ve driven past it a few times wanting to give my fellas (taste buds) a treat but could never find any parking. I wonder how it compares with its sibling at 430 Little Collins Street…

When the warmer months start to rear their heads, so do my brunches, quickly multiplying like a group of ferrets popping out of their burrows.

Details: 401 St Kilda Road (near the corner of Toorak Road) Melbourne Phone: 03 9866 8055 and 430 Little Collins Street (between Queen & William Streets) Melbourne CBD Phone: 03 9691 3899

Surroundings: DSC00294


Liquids: Cappuccino X2  using one of my favourite beans, Lily. St Ali and Vittoria are still my top two.


Mains:Pear Danish. As soon as you walk in, you’re confronted with a large basket of fresh pastries which are all kept warm under a heated lamp. Now, what kind of trick are they pulling here?! My readers- you know me well enough to know that this is a temptation that I cannot resist. Impossible even.


A great classic, often done with injustice locally with way too much sticky glazing and swirls of frosting that by the time you’re done with it you have (a) definitely exceeded your sugar intake for the week and (b) forgotten what fruit it actually had. Fortunately, Cafe Vue gives the Danish the spa treatment.

Croque Monsieur X 2 which is a grilled sandwich was served with Kurobuta ham and cheese. A dish with all its simple elements must be perfected.  The golden buttered brown exterior should reveal the next layer being fluffly, airy and finally presenting the star of the show: French Gruyère forming an almost cheese sauce being deliciously melted for your taste buds. Envoyé moi aux aliments rehab.


Vanilla Macaroon: Was smooth, creamy with the exterior light and slightly delicate. Although, they are smaller than the babies at Laurent Bakey or Lindt.


Bring a date here? The ultimate weekend breakfast spot. Alfresco dining for the anticipated Summer months. Time to bring out the jeans, t-shit and thongs. The trusty hoodie that served me well can go back into the wardrobe to hibernate.


Out with friends here? As above yo.

Service: Upfront and friendly. Conveniently catering for the locals and nearby offices,  Vue gets as packed as a school canteen. Like me, you may have to join the other students at the communal table if you need a seat.

$$$: 24

Aliments Verdict de Rehab: Envoyé moi aux aliments rehab!

Café Vue at 401 on Urbanspoon

It seems to be all about Macaroons these days- where would recommend I get the best?

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