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Broccoli Protein Casserole Style Loaf

Posted Nov 24 2012 8:39am
It has been one of those weeks when posting has had to take a back seat despite all the recipes I am eager to share. Each evening this week I have worked late resulting in limited chore time, practically non-existent me time, and absolutely no blog time.

On evenings when I get home late my pre-set timer always overcooks my steamed vegetables since I am not there to take off the lid (at least we can say it is a consistent appliance). Since I have teeth, I often don’t feel like eating baby food style broccoli. Thus I quickly make it into a protein broccoli casserole type loaf.

Broccoli Protein Casserole Style Loaf

Ingredients: Instructions:
•1/2 cup steamed overcooked broccoli

•2 tbsp kamut flour

•1 tbsp unsweetened whey protein powder

•1 tbsp coconut flour

•1/4 tsp baking soda•1/4 tsp baking powder

•1/3 cup egg whites

•salt, Italian seasoning


1)Towel off steamed broccoli to remove excess moisture2)Add in all dry ingredients mixing well

3)Add egg whites

4)Microwave for 3 minutes, flip microwave for an additional 1.5 minutes.

5)Toast and Top


Category Mark Comments Overall Grade
This recipe takes wasted ingredients (overcooked broccoli and makes it delicious!). It can be made in under 7 minutes if you have all the ingredients close by.


A great mix of protein and carbs. Top with some healthy fats to help make a complete meal: 16g carbs/17g protein/1g fat.
Very flexible recipe as you can get creative with spices you add. I have made this recipe adding taco flavouring and topped with sour cream and salsa and it was quite incredible!
Unlike a lot of recipes that use steamed vegetables this loaf is not mushy or overly moist. Especially once toasted it is perfectly firm and loaf like.
General Comments I used a microwave safe flat square dish to microwave this.

What do you do when you accidentally overcook something?

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