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Broccoli! Help... what can I do with it? Any grand ideas? And, is corn sort of unhealthy because it converts to sugar so quickly

Posted Aug 12 2010 3:17pm

Speaking of killing two birds with one stone…  How do you like the stir-fry as a broccoli solution?  Let me know if you would like more broccoli recipes.

As far as corn is concerned, because Americans usually have SO much corn in their diets by way of cornstarch and corn syrup, generally I would say corn consumption should be kept fairly low.  If you avoid packaged foods and don’t eat a lot of corn by-products… then I am of the philosophy that if you are going to watch what you eat, watch things other than vegetables.  If you love fresh corn, eat fresh corn. :)  It is not the healthiest vegetable in the world but it does have folate (which is great for pregnant women) and is also good for your lungs and your memory.  

One tip… Eat corn when it is in season, the nutrient levels decrease the longer the corn has to wait from the time it is picked, to the time that it is on your plate!

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