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Breath of Life, Doughnuts of Death

Posted Aug 19 2009 6:17pm

I have decided to stop breathing oxygen. In fact, I'm only going to breathe oxygen when I'm feeling bad and need to make a change in my breathing pattern. Otherwise, I'm going to breathe carbon dioxide, or helium, or hydrogen, any of those other gasses that I'm always tempted to breathe, even though I know that they aren't good for me. Besides, I'm getting tired of boring old oxygen. Yes, I know that it's what I should be breathing, but I am so tempted to breathe something else. The fact that those other gasses could kill me shouldn't faze me, right?

As ridiculous as this might sound, this is exactly what many people do with the low-carb lifestyle. Low-carbing (LCing) is not a diet, something to follow until that piece of candy, or cake, or doughnut jumps into our mouth. It's not a temporary fix for a lifetime of abuse of our bodies, nor is it a wagon to fall off of. (In fact, we don't fall off of the wagon; we throw ourselves off of the wagon.) It is a permanent lifestyle meant to heal the damage that we've allowed sugar and other carbage to do to us. Deciding to eat crap is like deciding to breathe something else besides oxygen. That violates everything we know is right.

The mountains of research are out there, showing the efficacy of the low-carb lifestyle. If we are LCing just to lose weight, we're going to get discouraged at many points in the process: Water weight, hormones, stress, too much exercise, too much food, not enough food, all of these factor into our weight. If every time I hop on the scale, and see either a small gain or no loss, and use the excuse to shove a doughnut into my mouth, I am not being logical. I might as well decide to stop breathing oxygen because I can't see any results of doing so. Maybe I'll breathe it only when I start turning blue. Maybe I'll LC only when I need to lose weight. Razzberry!

The Bionic Broad out.
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