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Breath Mints, Cough Drops and Gum

Posted by C.L. R.

Alright, for anyone out there who has been trying to give up sugar, I'm sure you've noticed that it's much easier to stick to it if you don't have any sugar at all. Right? So, here's the latest tip - keep your eye out for the sneaky sugar!!

Everyone has a friend who's going to offer you a mint, and you'll most likely take it. But ah hah! Did you check to see if that mint was made out of pure sugar? Don't be surprised if you're craving an entire dessert within the hour. Gum and cough drops are two other silent partners.

Sugar busters! One day at a time...

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It is amazing how many calories are in some mints and gum. Personally I just don't think they are worth it because they add up really quickly. Like everything, you just have to get really good at knowing what is in everything you put in your mouth. If you choose to eat something bad for you it should be done so consciously, not eaten aimlessly.
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