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Breath like an onion

Posted Aug 31 2010 12:00am
  • This year I made sure to plan better and start my garden on time.  So far we have enjoyed sugar snap peas, spinach, swiss chard, a bit of broccoli, onions, carrots, beets and tomatoes.  I planted 3 tomato plants this year.  All 3 were starters when I got them which made keeping them alive much easier.

    There is 1 red grape tomato plant, 1 yellow ‘pear’ tomato plant (the size of grape tomatoes) and 1 red beef steak tomato plan.  There are so many huge green beef steak tomatoes and I can’t wait until they are ready to be devoured!

    I’ve been harvesting my mini red and yellow tomatoes a lot lately along with the last of my sweet onions. 

  • The greens were starting to get a bit yellow on the ends so I wanted to use them before they dried out.  Sometimes when I have green onions and they get down to the nubs I’ll put them in water and they’ll start growing again.  That’s a great way to get more out of your store bought green onions. 

    I decided to try that out with my green tops.  Since there isn’t a root on these I’m not sure exactly how it will work, but maybe they will last a bit longer with some hydration.

    Not 1 minute after I left the kitchen I heard my cat Stoner hop off the counter with a few stalks in his mouth!  Usually I’m upset when he jumps on the counter and takes food but it was just too funny watching him this time.


    I’m sure his breath would smell better if I left a glass of mint on the counter next time.

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