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Breaking The Low Carb Alcohol Stall - Week One Report

Posted Sep 29 2008 5:54pm

Here are the basic details of my first week without drinking during this grand experiment  in my 10th week of induction:

Monday, March 3, 2008
5:30am - moderate ketostick; 223.0 lbs, 31.0%BF (body fat), 48.5%BW (body water)
     So!  Something happened during or after the party on Saturday to make me lose, and, as expected, it didn’t last.  I regained 2.4 of the 3.2 pounds total dropped over the weekend.  Maybe blood alcohol is an excellent electrical conductor and was responsible for my lower fat (28%) and higher water (50%) readings Sunday morning.  I’m happy there was a small net loss, anyway.
     About 17 net grams of carbs and 2336 calories for the day.  Excited, expecting things to start moving soon.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008
5:40am - moderate ketostick; 223.8 lbs, 30.5%BF, 49.0%BW
     Well, things started moving alright; so much for my net loss.  Maybe I’m just not eating enough calories, enough fat.  All those studies in Taubes’ book where obese subjects lost even when eating huge numbers of calories composed of fat… surely I deserve the same!
     15.4 net carbs, 1421 calories.  Worst single carb factor: 1 cup of Brussels sprouts (9.4 net carbs).

Wednesday, March 5, 2008
5:30am - trace ketostick; 222.2 lbs, 31.5%BF, 48.5%BW
    I am not going to get excited about this.  Yet.  I had a six day straight loss several weeks ago before I started climbing again.  I’m not going to lie to you; after work, I really wanted to have a martini.  Stayin’ strong though, keepin’ it real.
    18 net carbs, 1867 calories

Thursday, March 6, 2008
5:25am - trace ketostick; 221.6 lbs, 31.5%BF, 48.0%BW
     Like I said yesterday, not getting excited yet, but at least it’s movement in the right direction.  Even if I sawtooth, there should be a net decrease over time as long as I’m staying the course.  Forge ahead.
     20 net carbs, 2703 calories

Friday, March 7, 2008
4:35am - trace ketostick; 222.4 lbs, 31.5%BF, 48.5%BW
     The .8 lb increase was likely from the extra 1000-odd calories yesterday.  I would imagine if one is eating a stable number of calories each and every day, the body would get used to utilizing them more efficiently regardless of how many.
     14.7 net carbs, 2032 calories

Saturday, March 8, 2008
4:30am - trace ketostick; 221.2 lbs, 33.0%BF, 48.0%BW
     This is the lowest weight I’ve measured since Feb. 18 (except for after the Mar. 1 party).  That was at the end of the six day loss I mentioned on Wednesday, and that loss had been followed by a general increase for eleven days.  I have GOT to get out of the 220’s soon or I’ll go stark raving mad.
     21.8 net carbs, 1854 calories.  Worst single carb factor: 1 cup of green beans mixed with cream of mushroom soup and garnished with fried onions (12.8 net carbs).

Sunday, March 9, 2008
7:45am - no color on stick; 218.8 lbs, 33.5%BF, 47.5%BW
     Well, hal-ee-LOO-yah!  That’s 3.6 pounds in two days!  It’s also the first time I’ve crossed my previous graph line since Feb. 2nd at 222.5 pounds.  I’m now a tenth of a pound less than I was the same day into the weight loss as in 2003, but keep in mind I started out 8 pounds heavier back then.  There was a little additional energy expenditure yesterday because of the snowstorm; I had to snowthrow and shovel, and I have to do it again today from what fell overnight, but what the hey, as long as I don’t put any weight back on, that’s fine.
     12.6 net carbs, 2019 calories

So, that makes a week.  And as bad as it was getting used to not having my cocktails at the beginning of the week, toward the end I became kind of resigned to it.  I’d even mix some of my wife’s for her and watch her enjoy them without much jealousy while I drank my glass of sugar-free lemonade.  Now, on to week two.  I’ll let you all know what happened next Monday.  Hopefully, there will be only good news!

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