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Posted by Lois C.

Hello to everyone,I am new on this diet,but i love it already,But can someone help me? i am not use to eating breakfest,But it says your biggest meal is breakfest, so with out butter or sugar or jam, what are you eatting?I bought some fruit,I bought Post grain cerale,and 2percent milk,and found out i don't like it.Could you give me a few points for breakfest? Thank you.
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I Lois, Welcome to the site. There are lots great healthy and easy breakfast options. Some of my favorites include whole wheat toast with almond butter, fruit and yogurt with a sprinkle of granola, a healthy home-made muffin and/or smoothie. I have a post on my website that lists lots of ideas and some recipes. You can check it out at
Martha M Thank you very much, i will check out your site and get back with you.
Martha,Hello glad to hear from you,I checked out your site,and it was wounderfull,Very helpfull.I still need a lot of things to buy,and am on a fixed income,But i will get all this stuff as soon as i can,I have some but not all of it.Eveyyone says yogurt,the only kind i have eaten before was dannon light with fruit on the bottom,but that is probley not good huh?do you mean plain yogurt? i don't like the taste of that.but maybe if i put my owne fruit in it .Thank you so much fo haveing me i love this,wish i had found this before.Thank you so much,Will talk to you later.
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