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Break the Bipolar Cycle A Day by Day Guide to Living with Bipolar Disorder

Posted Sep 21 2010 6:02am

Break the Bipolar Cycle A Day by Day Guide to Living with Bipolar Disorder

Take control of your symptoms–and take charge of your life

If you’re dealing with bipolar disorder, you already know that it’s more than a cycle of “ups” and “downs.” You may also have difficulty with depression and irritability, as well as problems with weight gain, memory, and fatigue. Dealing with these day-to-day problems can sometimes seem like too much to bear. Drawing on the latest research in bipolar disorder, stress, and health, this step-by-step guide offers a complete selection of livable, workable solutions to manage bipolar disorder and helps you:

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all guide. It’s a uniquely personal approach to your bipolar disorder that covers the full spectrum of the disease and its symptoms. You’ll be able to find successful ways to regulate your moods, relieve your stress, improve your thought processes, and break the bipolar cycle–for a happier, healthier life.

5 Stars Excellent Resource
Break the Cycle of Bipolar Disorder provides an excellent overview of the disorder along with its related symptoms (which go beyond mood). As a school psychologist I found it useful in helping me understand and support students with the diagnosis. As a parent I found it useful in helping me see mood disorders from the perspective of the person experiencing them. Discussions of anxiety, stress, memory, emotion, information processing, etc. show the many facets of the illness but also provide strategies for coping with the disease and minimizing its effects. The book does assume the individual is under a doctor’s care and on a medication regimen (which is likely true for many with the diagnosis) but also provides good information for those with milder difficulties. I ended up with a lot of notes and thoughts about how to identify triggers, reduce stressors, and support someone within the milder range of the BPD spectrum.

4 Stars Break the Cycle
Arrived in a short time and is very helpful. Is in better condition than described. Would order from this company again.

4 Stars Wonderful Book!
This is a wonderful book. I have such a greater understanding of my illness now. The book is helping me go through the ups and downs and see light at the end of the tunnel. I definitely recommend this book foer people suffering from bipolar or families of bipolar illness sufferers!

5 Stars Extremely helpful !
This book has been a great guide for me & my husband. My husband was recently diagnosed with Bipolar. The symptoms he was experiencing weren’t the “typical” ones that come to mind when you hear the term bipolar. After reading this book, we have been able to identify several symptoms that indicate where he’s headed, as well as triggers. The symptoms of Bipolar II, NOS, are not as extreme and therefore can go on undetected. This is an excellent resource for those recently diagnosed & have softer bipolar disorder. Also great for loved ones who want to understand the disorder.

5 Stars Wonderful Book
I was just diagnosed with Bipolar II. I went to two libraries and cleaned them out of bipolar books. Some were helpful and encouraging, but still left me wanting more. Then I read Break the Bipolar Cycle. In its pages, I recognized so much of what I’ve been feeling and dealing with over the past 7 months! It also helped me understand what’s happening to me mentally, physically, and psychologically and how to deal with it. As soon as I finished reading it, I called my parents and told them to get a copy…that it would help them understand what I’m going through. I’m also going to purchase a copy for myself so I can refer to it and use the exercises throughout the future.

While I’m new to this illness and have lots of research and work to do, I know this book will be an outstanding resource for myself, my family, and my friends.

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