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bread and grains - need advice

Posted Feb 08 2009 2:56pm

Please help me decide something.

I try to stop at around six grains per day. I would like to know if I should consider corn to be in the vegetable category or the grain category. And what are some additional things that I should put in the grain category?

The x2 each thing means if I eat one serving of that, I count it as two servings of grains for the day because they are typically processed and horrible and yummy.

Here's what I have so far:

bread (duh)

granola bars



cakes (x2 each)

brownies (x2 each)

cookies (x2 each)

chips (I don't eat these, so it doesn't matter)



I am not looking for a definitive absolute exact answer, but for my own purpose, not scientific. I know technically it is a vegetable, but for serving size and balanced eating, should I consider it a grain?

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