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Bottled Tap Water???

Posted by Dmitriy P.

Writer's Answer

People always joke, “there’s probably someone just sitting next to the sink and filling up these bottles… and laughing all the way to the bank”; but we just kind of laugh it off and hope that the bottled water we’re paying ridiculous amounts of money for, is somehow better or cleaner.

NEWS- PepsiCo is finally going to reveal the dirty little secret about the water source for Aquafina—plain old Tap Water. Aquafina bottled water is however, purified (PepsiCo actually has its own purification system, which it calls HydRO-7), it involves charcoal filtration, reverse osmosis and ozonation. Still, under pressure from Corporate Accountability International, several leading bottled water companies are going to disclose that they are using public sources to fill their bottles. If this comes as a shock to you, then get in line.

The bottled water industry uses too much plastic and weakens consumer confidence in the safety and cleanliness of public water supplies. As a response, Mayor Gavin Newsom banned city-funded purchases of bottled water and in New York— an ad campaign called "Get Your Fill" was launched to promote the benefits of tap water.

I must admit however, that bottled water is extremely convenient (especially when I go to the gym, or when I go to play basketball somewhere). But still, this “scandal” has left a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth.

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