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Bonnie Plants can help you become an urban gardener

Posted Jul 01 2009 6:35pm


I was having lunch the other day when I saw this advert for Bonnie Plants!

With all this talk about First Lady Michelle Obama growing her own initiative to feed the White House staff and her family with her organic garden and with the impending inflation on groceries (food will get exponentially higher in price … mark my words), it makes a whole lot of sense to find ways of growing any fruits or vegetables you can to save you some money and keep you eating smart!

I know that most North Americans don’t eat nearly enough fruits and vegetables, but if I had to guess, I’d say that tomatoes and peppers might to top the list when it comes to the non-root vegetables (as opposed to the popular potato) that are most commonly purchased at the grocery store.

If you look at the price of tomatoes and peppers, you’ll notice they fluctuate quite a lot and some weeks, it’s simply not worth buying them because they can top $1.00 each.

What about growing your own tomatoes and peppers for just a few pennies a piece and what if you didn’t have to worry about needed a lot of land to start your own vegetable garden?

That’s exactly what Bonnie Plants help you to do! Not only will you be able to grow favourites like tomatoes and peppers, but you’ll also be able to grow herbs to flavour your meals and you’ll also be able to grow different varieties of tomatoes.

I have to say that I was quite taken by this idea and I think it will help a lot of families eat healthier foods while minding their food budget.

>>>> When I checked Bonnie Plants “most popular” page, I saw these top sellers:

* Basil - what would life be without basil?

* Beefmaster tomatoes - these are ideal for burgers

* Better Boy tomatoes - you cannot go wrong with these classic tomatoes

* Better Bush tomatoes - I quite like vine tomatoes

* Big Boy tomatoes - you can never have too varieties of tomatoes!

* Big Beef tomatoes - just like the beefmaster, these tomatoes are perfect for your grilled homemade burgers.

* Bonnie Original tomatoes - these very flavourful tomatoes that are screaming for some coarse salt, freshly grounded pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

* More tomatoes - The list of tomato variety is getting to be so long that I’ll simply list the rest of the varieties that you can grow with your Bonnie Plant - Husky cherry red tomatoes, Mr. Stripey tomatoes, Park’s Whopper Improved tomatoes, Roma grape tomatoes, Patio tomatoes, Red Beedsteak tomatoes, sweet 100 tomatoes.

* Big Bertha peppers - these are extra large bell peppers that would make delicious stuffed pepper recipes

* Bonnie Bell Hybrid - there are so many recipes you can create with green peppers … the possibilities are endless.

* Other peppers - you’ll be able to eat your own home-grown Red Bell (my all time favourites), Yellow Bell, Sweet Banana peppers!

* Black Beauty Eggplants - aubergines (as we call them in Canada and in the U.K.) are so delicious and they are full of fibre! This vegetable is the corner stone of the Mediterranean cuisine. You can also grown your won Ichiban Japanese Eggplants with your Bonnie Plant for your Asian dishes!

* Boston Pickling Cucumber - if you’re into pickling, these will ensure that you’ll have homemade pickles year round.

* Burpless Bush Hybrid cucumber - I find cucumber to be particularly refreshing during the summer because they contain so much water and are perfect in a salad or on their own!

* Bush Goliath tomatoes - these are the kind of big, juicy tomatoes that you’ll gladly eat like an apple.

* Hot peppers - I’ve never met a hot pepper I didn’t like. I eat hot pepper like others eat pop corn and I find the idea of growing your own thrilling. Your Bonnie Plant will allow you to your own cayenne, jalapeno, hot banana and Habanero hot peppers!

* Celebrity tomatoes - these are made in the “US of A” and it seems like a real celebrity … these tomatoes are larger than life!

* Herbs: A Bonnie Plant will allow you to grow your own cilantro, sage, curled parsley, dill, flat Italian parsley, oregano and rosemary.

As if this list wasn’t explicit enough, you’ll also be able to grow your own Bonnie Plant Crookneck squash, Hale’s Best jumbo orange melons, 50 lb. cabbages, your fresh Quinault strawberries and your own zucchinis.

If that’s still not enough to get you excited about this nifty concept, you’ll be able to take a daily trip to Provence (France) every time you admire your own lavender garden grown with your Bonny Plant Provence lavender!

You know Michelle Obama has a good point about sharing the growing experience with your kids as a way of encouraging them to eat more fruits and vegetables. I still remember helping my grandmother with her summer garden and I also remember how she thought me how to take a simple dried bean and transform it into a blossoming plant that I would then go out and plant in the garden and watch over all summer long until I was able to eat the fruit of my labour. Those are sweet memories I’ll carry with me forever and they always make me quite emotional.

I won’t lie, I’m not much of a gardener (that much I didn’t take from my grandmother), although I love cooking with all my heart. I think the gardening experience I shared with my grandmother as a child helped me embrace and enjoying vegetables at a young age and that experience has carried through my entire life. Today, as an adult I eat a diet of mostly fruits and vegetables. I keep meats and carbs to “side order” portions rather than main portions.

If you’re like me and you don’t have a green thumb or if you live in a downtown building, these Bonnie Plants might be your license to discovering the wonderful and flavourful world of home grown fruits and vegetables!

You’ll find more information here: Bonnie Plants

When you visit their site, you’ll notice a few tabs that will help you learn the basics of gardening!

Photo by Lisa Norwood

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