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Boiled Alive

Posted Apr 26 2010 8:47am
I recently read somewhere that there was going to be a lobster fest to raise money for an animal rescue group. Does anyone see something terribly wrong with this?

Often, lobsters are killed by being boiled alive. This should sound somewhat disturbing. Jonathan Safran-Foer says that "taste is the crudest of the senses." A former writer for Gourmet magazine, an omnivore, also found something unsettling about humans being able boil an animal alive just to satisfy a taste desire.

As a society, we are somehow incapable of seeing all animals as deserving of life and respect, and at the very least, a humane death. We have a hierarchy and it has nothing to do with brain capacity or feeling or anything logical. We place domestic animals at the top, often followed by farm animals, and sea life is usually at the bottom.

Things that should at least cause reflection: we consider "delicacies" animals that often sit in their own feces (veal), have been surrounded in feces (certain coffee beans), and things that eat feces (pigs). If an animal is intelligent, such as an octopus , we ignore those facts in order to be able to ingest a creature that is as smart as a young child. If an animal is ugly, all the better since we are somehow only compassionate toward the most visually appealing creatures.

I don't want to tell people what to eat or what not to eat. However, I do think everyone deserves to know what and where their food comes from. Everyone has decisions to make when it comes to eating. Some of us only see it as pleasure, some of us only view as a form of survival, others want to heal their bodies through food. No matter what anyone says about the need to eat animal protein, I will say this, it is not necessary. We can achieve all our dietary needs without consuming an animal based diet. We may choose to use animal proteins to create a balanced diet but there are nuts, seeds, veggies, fruits, grains, beans, etc., that can fulfill all of our vitamin and dietary needs. Entire societies, cultures, and religious groups thrive on a plant and grain based diet. Many people can't afford meat or meat that is safe enough to eat. This is not new information and I can provide sources on request.

I welcome comments and feedback.
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