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Body scan of a 250 lbs woman vs a 120 lbs woman

Posted Jan 07 2010 9:55am 2 Comments


Ladies and Gentlemen this IS motivation for weight loss!!!

Have you seen this body scan of a 250 lbs woman versus a 120 lbs woman?

The difference is simply shocking.

When you look at the two scans you quickly see the following on the scan of the overweight woman:

> Her stomach is much larger

> Her head is larger

> Her shoulders are really wide

> She’s essentially twice the size of the 120 lbs woman

> Her hips are much wider apart (which explains why overweight women have a lot of difficulty walking)

> Look at the spine at the back of her head!

> Look at how far apart her feet are due to the weight around her tights and knees

> Her ankles are bent (which could be due to the extra weight)

If you’re looking for motivation to lose weight … I’d say this is a really good reason to start taking healthy eating and adopting a healthy lifestyle (aka exercise regularly) VERY seriously!

By the way, this story is running wild on the net and it’s another reminder that being overweight is not that healthy!

>>> I’d love to hear from you on this one. What do you think about the two scans?

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How tall is she supposed to be though?
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