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Body for Life Success Journal

Posted Oct 28 2010 1:07pm

Body for Life Success Journal

New from #1 New York Times bestselling author Bill Phillips comes Body-for-Life Success Journal.With over three million copies sold and after more than three years on bestseller lists, Body-for-Life is still going strong. People everywhere are discovering that they too have the power to change their body, their mindset, their life. They are discovering that when they make a change, they make a difference — they become an inspiration to others, a positive example of living a healthy style of life. And now, with this new Success Journal, becoming a Body-for-Life success story is within reach for everyone.

More than just a typical log book, this complete Success Journal guides you, day by day, step by step, through the entire 12-week Program. Bill Phillips designed this book to help you stay focused and inspired. Through its pages, he will be with you every step of the way and so will other people who have successfully completed the Program. Each and every day they will support you, encourage you, and help you complete the Program in championship style. When you finish this Success Journal, it will document your success story. However, the real reward will be your new, transformed body and your clear, empowered mindset.

5 Stars Why are you not doing this yet ?!!!!
Wow. This makes the Body for Life program easy to follow. HIGHLY recommend this for anyone who is ready to make a serious change in your life. Week 5 now and I have lost 12 lbs of fat and have increased my energy and drive by 50-60% my goal is 30 lbs of fat loss and 10 lbs of muscle gained and this book is helping me realize that goal. Body for life works. Thanks Bill. That is all.

5 Stars Must have for BFL challenge
I am in week 2 of my Body for Life challenge and I am so glad to have this book. If you’re a planner you will love this book. If you’re not….you’ll become one! It is all about goal setting and meeting your daily goals. In response to Kala – there is a daily section about the Universal Law of Reciprocation….which can mean anything…not necessarily getting someone to start a BFL challenge. It could mean posting to the BFL website, switching work shifts with someone, encouraging a coworker, ANYTHING….it doesn’t have to be getting someone else to start the challenge or even telling them you’re doing BFL.

Anyway, great book, but not all-inclusive and I recommend getting the Body-for-Life book as a supplement because he does reference the book at the beginning of the journal.

3 Stars Great, but too big
I am a 24 year old male and I am a huge advocate for the Body for Life program. When all else fails I always turn to this program. Anyway, I have order this training guide when I first began, the only problem is that it is waaay to big. They could have easily compact this down to a 8 x 5 book that would be a lot more portable and more easily manageable. But I guess when your really motivated and want to change your life, your willing to haul around anything!

5 Stars This Is the Success Organizer to Carry Out The Body for Life Program
One of the problems with any great system is that for the majority of people, after the euphoria has worn off, it is a little hard to follow through and get organized in the absence of a personal trainer. Success Journal Body for Life is the answer to how to stay focus until you can begin to see the finish line of your fitness goals.

I would recommend this journal for anyone who has a thousand and one things to do, and finds that anything that which would help to sort out that which is important is welcomed and helpful. I would indeed recommend this book for anyone who needs help to get on track and to stay on track.

5 Stars nice book!
This book is a very nice book to supplement the regular book. I can’t wait to start using it.

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