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Body Fat and Weight…Oh how we love to compare!

Posted Feb 01 2010 6:45pm

Although weights are not specifiedBody Fat Percentage is provided. 

If you have ever suffered from an ED and you feel that this mat be triggering to youplease do not read on.


You may remember the last time I had my Body Fat tested.   WellI was coming off of a very stressful time in my life and my weight was much too low as a result. More about that here.    When I posted the result of that BF testing I received a lot of concerned comments from my readers and fellow bloggers.  The number was normal Body Fat for an athlete but at the time I was not working out as often or as hard as I am now.  I had just forgotten to take care of my body when I went back to school. 

 Sowhen I got back to the gymI wanted to know where my body was at so to speak. 

Flash forward to this week.  I have been working out consistently for months.  I run 3 to 4 times each week .   I lift weights and do an hour or so on the elliptical or recumbant bike 3 days out of each week.  My body feels better than ever!  I have gained some weight but it was needed.  Once againI wanted to check my Body Fat %  just to get an idea of where I’m at.  Wellthis time it was 17%  .  Yesthat is higher than last time.  It’s still a very healthy BF% . 

 My initial reaction was disappointment.  But then I thought“Did I really expect to have gained all lean mass?  This is a healthy Body Fat Percentage.  I feel better than ever .  I can do so much more in the gym.

  I could never have run as long as I do now at the previous weight.

 Plus the trainer who tested me looked at me like I was from outer space.  “Wow” she said“you’re doing great!  Just keep doing what you’re doing.  “   

 I really feel good about where I am. 

Of course I looked up some data on female athletes and BF when I returned home.  Why do we always feel the need to compare ourselves to others?  I am so guilty of this.  The other dayI went to a salon to get my nails done.  This is something I almost never do!  ButI saw a sign for a new place that had a special and the rest is history.   The woman who did my nails was one of those people that just had great energy.  I thought“She looks so happy and healthy and beautiful.  I would love to have her adorable little body and flowyshiny hair!”  Wellwhile she was doing my nailsthe woman commented on the goosebumps on my arm.   I was super cold.  She joked that it was because I was “thin”.   NormallyI would be taken aback at a comment like this.  Butsince this woman was thin I took it in stride and smiled back.  She said“ You can’t weigh more than 100 pounds“.   Oddlythis comment didn’t bother me either.  I said” Actuallyas of this morning I weigh 11X.”  (Definitely more than 100 pounds )  She said“Huh?  That’s only 2 pounds less than me!  But you look so much smaller than me!”  I laughed and said, ” That’s funnyI was just thinking that you looked so much smaller than me!”   We tend to  compare ourselves to other women all day long.  Sometimeswe don’t even notice.  This experience was so eye-opening for me.  Here I was thinking this woman had such a great shape and stature and she and I were basically the same size!  Alsoshe was comparing herself to me just as I was to her.

Not only do we compare our bodies’ appearancesbut we also tend to compare our bodies’ athletic performance.   I see this a lot at the community center where I work out:  Woman A sees Woman B doing the same routine with heavier weights.  Woman A wonders“Should I be lifting heavier?”  We look at other people’s posted splits and think our own runs just don’t measure up.  A woman working out 3 days each week may find that other ladies work out 6 days each week.  Does that mean that the woman is not working out often enough?  The point is that while others are a great tool of inspirationwe must realize that we are competing against ourselves.  We are competing against our own best timesheaviest weightslongest runsetc. 

As I stated earlier in this postmy workouts have gradually gotten more intense as my body has become stronger.    I did set another distance PR.  I have “run-walked” that far before but never just run that distance with no walking breaks .  If you read WBL on a regular basisyou may notice that I just had a PR.  Keep in mind my runs are short and my paces are slow because I am such a new runner.  ButI really want to increase my distance…A LOT!  Within just a few short weeks (okay two months) Spring will arrive and the weather will allow for outdoor running almost everyday.  I would love to have a long run distance of around 10 miles.  I want to be able to take off on  6-10 mile runs 4 times a week .  What better way to enjoy the gorgeous Spring weather?  To increase my distanceI have been using a “10 mile race”  training schedule.  That’s why I keep “PR-ing” i distance.  The training schedule has me running 3 days each week.  I have been doing the Iron Pumping Challenge on my “off days”.   My body certainly loves to get moving.  I love the balance of running and strength training.  Fueling my workouts has become more of a priority.  Ensuring that I get enough protein has become increasingly important to me. 

   I have found some wonderful ways to bring more protein into my diet. 


Vanilla Oikos on my Sweet Potato (You must try it!) BBQ Tofu,  roasted Brussel Sprouts


I would love to find a goodall natural BBQ sauce.

I’ve tried a  few of Annie’s flavors to no avail


Sorry Annie… Love your bunniesnot your sauce.


I used this instead.


Back to my recent obsession with orange produce…


This is Vanila Oikos and Pumpkin with a lot of Pumpkin Pie Spice!  I was inspired by Caitlin.

I had forgotten that I had frozen half of a baked Buttercup Squash a few months ago so it was a nice surprise  to find it in th freezer! (I’m a dork like that )

 But I needed some protein with my complex carb….  Vanilla Oikos saves the day!


I am definitly stocking up on these next Fall so that I can bake and freeze more! 

This is my favorite new way to get protein!!


Brownie Batter with Vanilla Oikos (of course) and Naturally More…  Oh. My. Word. 

  Aprilthis tastes like the real deal.  Thanks for introducing me to this lovliness!  I can’t wait to try your protein cookie dough!


I’ve also been working to incorporate more anti-oxidents into my diet.  We old ladies begin to look for ways to slow our aging ;)

For some reasonI feel that frozen fruits that have been microwaved until warm taste sweeter than the fresh fruit itself…wierd


Frozen (microwaved ) blueberries with 365 High Fiber Cereal…AMAZING.

  I have loved the taste of bran flakes since I was a kid.  I must have been an odd kid :)

My real excitement for the week was the arrival of the book I ordered used from amazon!

(Yesit really was my excitement for the week)


Please diseregard the open cabinet…


Snuffy’s new favorite snack


Celery with Honey Almond Butter


You better bet my table and chair and child were all covered in Honey AB after that.


Once againI’m asking for your recommendations.  I have a Nike Sport watch.  I like it.  ButI want something that I can use to measure my heartrate for other activites and use for distance on oudoor runs as well.  Any thoughts? Polar?  Garmin?  Anyone?

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