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~Blue Sunday~

Posted Jun 27 2010 12:00am
Today's post features some personal insight so here's a little piece of the "more than a food blog" deal I promised you from Day 1:)

Pain is a funny thing. At times, it feels like it will never end, at other times its a reminder of a part of your life that was so wonderful, the loss caused a tremendous pain. 
For me, I've had several, well many, instances where I've had to learn to appreciate pain and the good parts about it. This is one of the hardest lessons I've ever learned. 
I've lost alot of people near and dear to me in my life, however, never have I lost a parent until now. I didn't know what is was like to never be able to pick up the phone and call either one of mine and always knew how lucky I was because many children never had or have that.
I never took my father for granted, even during times we didn't speak, that we didn't understand each other, or that we were apart. However, I do wish that I had seen him for the rare person he was each time I was lucky enough to see him. I think its easy to get caught up in life and forget how each breath truly is a miracle and each interaction with people that take our breaths away because of the love we feel for them, is a blessing all on its own.
This being said, the incredible emotions we feel from caring about people so much can be overwhelming and the pain when we lose them, or when life is tough, money is low, or family is gone, is a reminder of a time when things were good and we are missing those good times which causes pain.

Today I went to my Dad's house for the very last time. I got the remainder of my things out that he let me store there from my move to New York , and took one last look at the little old blue house he loved so much and lived in alone, but took so much pride in, right before he passed away. When I first went to the house, he had left two dog treats on the counter to give his dog when he would've gotten home the day he wrecked, left his red apple out on the counter to eat when he got home that he had everyday when he sat out on his front porch and watched the sun go down, and left his cell phone charger out to charge his cell phone with. He never knew he wouldn't be home. 

The pain I felt today, and each time I went to my dad's house after he passed away proved that my love for him was immeasurable and I can't wait to see him again one day and kiss him again. I know I will, and I know he'll be there waiting and smiling. He'll tell me not to worry about life, to smile each day and make the best of it, and to have a blessed day-just like he did everytime he spoke to me.

I share all of this with you to remind you to please know how precious time is. I run around in constant stress alot because life is so so so busy but life is good too. 

Speaking of life being good, I don't want to come off depressed and in remorse on a blog about food and health and fun, crazy recipes!:) I simply wanted to share a little personal insight to my day and my life so you know a little about the person whose blog you faithfully visit each day:)

SO- onto today's post ( don't worry- this part is short!:)

Dad's little blue house was my inspiration for a recipe when I got home today along with the blue ice trays I found in his house- and the 99 degree weather we moved the furniture in!!:)

*Blue Infusion Bombs*

On a really HOT day, pop these in your blender to make ice cream , or straight in your mouth for a yuummmmmyyy refreshing and quick treat on a hot day!:)

 * * * *Blend in a food processor until berries are chopped thoroughly and blended with the milk well. Pour into 2 or 3 ice cube trays and freeze.

~Now, when they are frozen you can do one of these three things:
1. Throw the cubes in a freezer safe Ziploc bag and keep them to pop in your mouth for an instant icy treat

2. Keep them in a freezer safe Ziploc bag and toss 4 in your morning smoothie instead of ice! - Use 4 with one cup of milk and 1/4 cup extra fruit of your choice like chopped bananas, more berries or 2 peeled orange slices and some protein powder like or and you've got an instant smoothie:)

3. Blend the ice cubes in batches in a high speed blender like a or a high quality food processor and make ice cream!:) Store in glass jar containers or in the freezer; thaw for 1 hour in the fridge to eat or 30 minutes on a countertop!:)

* Feel free to play around with the ice cube flavors. You could do different flavors with fruits, nut butters, nut milk pulp ,  vanilla flavoring, cocoa powder, spices like cinnamon, or just about anything! I have some cubes in the freezer that are made from   homemade almond/pumpkin and sunflower seed milk mixed with cinnamon and cocoa for a creamy,"mock-mocha" ice cream I'm going to make this week!:)

*I promised to reveal a special big event for Millie's Kitchen and I haven't forgotten. You'll find out this week what that is and how you can be a part of it:)

*If you have ideas for recipes send them to me! I love using ideas and being creative with making foods into healthy dishes. In the meantime, can anyone PLEASE make tomorrow be about 20 degrees cooler??:) Ahh..fall- how I can't wait :)

Until tomorrow,.....

.:*Heart and Soul:.*
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