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Posted by uph0

I didn't eat a lot during dinner yet few hous later, I still full/bloated, more in upper abs. Not painful at all, but a bit uncomforable esspecially standing. No nausea or any other symptoms. Is this normal? btw I did very intense exercise 4-5 hrs ago (with weightlifting)
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They is a difference between bloating (a "gassy feeling") and distention (swelling of the abdomen).  Occasional bloating may be due to eating gassy foods (beans, broccoli), or ripe cheeses (brie, blue).  It can be caused by wearing clothing tight at the belt.  Stress can also cause this bloaty feeling.  It is also common in overweight individuals.

If it occurs regularly and the abdomen is swollen, it may be time to check with your family physician.

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