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Black-out BBQ: A Viable Alternative to Cooking

Posted Jul 05 2010 12:00am

Living in Toronto is amazing.

First, there was the G20 Summit .

( Source )

(Or, G20 Riots, I should say.)

Then there was an earthquake .

( Source )

As if that wasn’t enough, Mother Nature decided to bestow upon us yet another lovely present: a tornado in a neighbouring town.

Then, this afternoon, things got hot.

So hot that one of our transformers exploded.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome blackout and power outage , our newest addition to the Amazing-Things-that-Have-Happened-in-Toronto-this-past-Summer-2010 family.

Unless you’re a strict raw foodist, a black-out would pose some problems to a commonly-accepted approach to preparing food: cooking.

Fortunately, there’s always the barbecue.

Now, there wasn’t a power outage on July 1st, but nonetheless, the day was Canada Day and I spent my evening on a porch with lovely people–and a grill master.

Oh, and there were also little people.

Little person with the obligatory little burger.  (How cute is that?!)

Since the blackout, I’ve realized something else: that I really like eating in the light.  Not necessarily with the lights on, especially not if they’re fluorescent, but in the natural sunlight.

I know some people enjoy romantic candlelit dinners, or eating in dimmer settings because of the calming effect, but I’m picky.  I have to see every little shade of my roasted cashew nuts, and every little wrinkle on my raisin.

( Source )

I want to examine every dimension of the chia seeds in my rhubarb-apple-parsley chia pudding.

More pixels; more!

I like to scrutinize every floret on my broccoli salad.

And zoom in on the rough ridges of my scooped-out avocado.

Now, Waterloo is about an hour away from Toronto, so I’m not affected by the blackout.  But if I were, I’d probably be OK.  Salads are for Survivors.  (What a good idea for a t-shirt slogan!)

If there was a blackout in your city right now, what would be your “Blackout Meal”?

Do you like eating in the dark or in the light? (Or in between?)


P.S. If anyone lives in Canada, Alaska, California, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, or Montana, let me know if you like sprouted bread.  Unfortunately, our breadwinner for the Silver Hills contest , Kristie, couldn’t receive the coupons since she lives outside the Silver Hills marketing area, so I’m going to have another informal draw.  Sorry Kristie–but at least there’s a cute t-shirt involved. It’s cute, I promise. :-)

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