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Black and Decker EP1100 A Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Black

Posted Aug 16 2010 7:34am

Black and Decker EP1100 A Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Black

No poisons. No chemicals. No traps. Most houshold pests are repelled because the constantly changing array of ultrasonic waves disrupt the pests’ nervous system, greatly affecting their feeding and communication habits, forcing them to leave the area.

1 Star Big box-little help
I’ve had this for over a year-mice/rats just ignore it; makes an annoying sound for humans but does

not seem to effect the rats. I would save your money and try something else.

1 Star Device does NOT work
I ordered two of these devices and used them for 3 weeks. I wanted to get rid of some mice living in my attic. The mice were not bothered by the device. I finally set some traps and caught the mice within 3 feet of the device while it was running at its highest setting. The noise certainly bother me, but it did not bother the mice.

5 Stars Great Product!
This unit is the best thing I have found for keeping rodents and bugs out of our camp or an outdoor shed. This is an audible sound unit so you turn it off while occupying the space and turn it on when you leave. I use no pesticides and I have no bugs or rodents!

5 Stars The most effective thing we have tried for getting rid of rodents
First, let’s clarify that this device would not be practical to use while you are present where it is being used. We find it very effective when used at full sound and on the highest setting but that would be an impossible noise for someone to live around. However, we use it to keep critters away when we are gone.

We own two vacation cottages in a rural area. No matter how much we have tried to keep mice and chipmunks out they still manage to get inside during the winter when the houses are closed up. We use one of these on the loudest and highest settings in our open floorplan, and it works very well at each house- no problem with critters setting up in the winters since we started using these.

This year we purchased another one because we stored our car in the garage for five months during the winter while we were away. The garage is separate from the house and has lots of small ways for mice and chipmunks to get inside. We already had mice nested in the garage. We wanted to be sure they did not mess with the car. So, we placed our new one of these devises on its loudest setting and ran it for 2 days. The mice moved out and we stored our car for the winter and kept the device on full force over the winter. It worked perfectly- no critters took up winter residence in the garage this year and the car was fine.

5 Stars Pests Be-Gone!
Ok, so if you can’t stand those pesky bugs and spiders that seem to come into your basement and home out of no where, then this item is for you. It is safer than sprays, traps and stinky pesticides. The unit is very easy to use, just plug in and set to your liking. I would say that after 60 days, 90 percent of your unwanted friends seem to be gone. This is not the 100 percent cure-all, but I have to say this is the best thing thus far in keeping better control of the unwanted bugs, spiders and creepy crawlers. I have one unit in my 1,800 sq ft. basement and it seems to do the job. Try it! You can’t beat the price! as for roach control, I couldn’t say because I don’t have those, but I’m sure it would drive them bonkers too!

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