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Posted Jan 08 2009 4:19pm

Gahhh I’ve been trying to put up a post since noon but keep having to put the laptop away and lay back down. Sorry! :(

I am alive though. Well, just barely. I feel like total crappy-poo right now but at least its all over. I knew I needed a substantial breakfast before surgery this morning so I had 1/3 cup hodgin mill’s multigrain cereal made with water and added 1 mashed banana, a scoop of chocolate peanut butter and a splash of silk at the end


With OJ instead of coffee this morning.

I had my teeth cleaned at 8 and then the surgery began at 9:30 and lasted about an hour. I was totally numb (but wide awake!) throughout and I really do not wish that on anyone!! Afterwards my dad picked up me (since I had been medicated I couldn’t drive myself), my mom gave me a vicodin and I fell asleep until 2:00.

When I woke up I decided to try to get something in my tummy. My mom is like super mom and made wonderful soft food for me! S he made me beets the way my grandma used to do it (boil fresh beets until soft then slice and sprinkle with sugar), sweet potato casserole and my favorite—-stouffers apples.


Unfortunately I only could get down about one bite of everything.Maybe later. I crawled back into bed and slept in and out until 4:15 (covered with animals, live and stuffed thank you very much)


Then, I knew I HAD to get something in my tummy for real this time because I was feeling queasy. I went for some split pea soup. I only had about two bites until I had to rush to the bathroom to throw everything up (sorry for the graphics). It was absolutely horrible and then I started crying because I hate throwing up so much.

Now, here I am again in my bed this time just sipping on some perrier. I’m due to take some more medicine but worried because I don’t want anything to upset my stomach again.I talked a little bit to my doctor on the phone after the throw up episode and he told as hard as it may be, I NEED to eat something so I’ll probably end up making a smoothie in a little while and sipping on that for the remainder of the evening. I already had to cancel my morning workshop training because I honestly don’t see that happening as of now. But….I haven’t canceled yoga yet. I keep praying and praying that I won’t have to cancel that since I’ve been looking forward to it for a month now. :(

Sorry for the discusting nature of post. Hopefully next time will be way more cheery!!

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