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Beware of what it says on the Nutrition Label

Posted by Jeff W.

We as a society have become aware of the importance of watching what it is we put into our bodies, but a lot of people are getting fooled by the phrase ?fat free?. When you see a product advertised as ?fat free?, make sure you do a little more research before you automatically assume that this product is good for you. Often ?fat free? foods are loaded with calories and carbohydrates. As an example of this form of misinformation, I heard beer being touted as ?fat free? over the weekend, and though this is technically true, beer is anything but a health food, despite what the guys at the frat house try and tell you. Don?t assume anything by what you read on the front of the package, you need to read the entire nutrition label to find out whether what your consuming belongs in your diet or not.
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We also have to be careful of "diet" products, such as diet soda. Society is obsessed with eating things that are labeled as diet, fat free, and 90 calories. Why don't people just eat a healthy balanced diet? Does the packaging somehow make it taste better or are people sticking to the old theory of, "If it tastes this bad, it must be good for me."
I truly think people will buy and consume anything marked 100 calories. These are not magic foods-these are expensive portion control gimmicks. Have you ever seen how many chips are in a 100 calorie pack of Doritos? You could fit two bags into your palm. Who can eat one bag of these chips?
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