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Beware Artificial Sweeteners

Posted by Laura B.

There are many reasons to consider eating less sugar. However, think twice before you use artificial alternatives. Many studies have shown the negative health effects of Saccharin (Sweet-n-Low) on humans. Additional studies show possible links between Aspartame (Equal) and cancer, addiction, and the inability to know when the body is full. Even Sucralose (Splenda), the newest artificial sweetener that is made from sugar, has not been proven safe. In fact, it is the chemical relative of many known carcinogens. I think it seems most reasonable to consume as few artificial substances as possible. At the very least, they are poor sources of nutrients. Why not choose naturally sweet products that are lower on the glycemic index? I recommend dark chocolate and berries, which are also high in antioxidants. For a naturally low-sugar yet sweet drink, try fruit-infused iced tea or sparkling water.
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