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Betty Crockers Picture Cookbook

Posted Jul 11 2010 5:44pm

Betty Crockers Picture Cookbook

First published in 1950, Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book is now reprinted in all its old-fashioned glory. Betty immerses you in a time when women were homemakers, cakes had at least two layers, and salad was iceberg lettuce. You may hesitate to recreate what your mother or grandmother probably cooked–if so, consider that back then we ate simply, in the days before the word foodie was invented. Many of the recipes suit today’s harried lifestyle, as you see in Six Layer Dinner, combining eight cups of vegetables with a pound of ground meat, and Dainty Tea Brownies topped with colorful chopped pistachios.

Hundreds of black-and-white photos, animated drawings, and quaint color spreads of prepared dishes aid you in using the recipes. Beginners learn how to measure ingredients, choose the best economical cuts of meat, and cut up round and sheet cakes for serving. There is even a section on how to set the table. This loose-leaf book contains enough recipes to fill a 12-page, double-column index. Best of all, perhaps, is the “Shortcut” section, where useful tips include cleaning a grater of cheese residue by rubbing it with a piece of stale bread. These are interspersed with 15 ways to recuperate from overwork. One suggestion is to lie down on the kitchen floor on your back and relax for three to five minutes. Still a good idea, though few people have a kitchen large enough to try this. –Dana Jacobi

5 Stars Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook
Thanks for the great service and quality of the cookbook. I had a much earlier version of the Betty Crocker Cookbook that was given to me as a young girl by my parents. It managed to get misplaced during our recent move from California to North Carolina. I was thrilled to get a replacement copy that has meant alot to me over the years. I look forward to making the cake donuts once again. Thanks again, Sheila

5 Stars This is the perfect cookbook for me!
I found out about Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book in an article in Reminisce Magazine that I found in the laundromat. There was a photo of a reader’s copy of this cookbook. I looked it up here on Amazon and read all the reviews for it and was interested in buying it.

Unlike most of the other reviewers here, I didn’t have this cookbook in the past and neither did my mother. This cookbook originally would’ve been popular around my late grandmothers’ times, but they were country girls who made simple rustic dishes, and I never saw them even use cookbooks. They may have had their recipes handed down to them from their mothers.

My mother was much more of a career woman than a homemaker, so cooking wasn’t as much a priority for her – just something that had to get done – usually by means of a crock pot or pressure cooker. I didn’t care for most of her cooking, and her cookbook was by Fannie Farmer.

Women of my generation had some Home Ec. classes to teach us the basics of nutrition and measurements and food safety, but we were raised more to focus on our careers. Besides, there are so many foods out there that can just be popped into the microwave, as well as restaurants just about everywhere I look, so it seems that learning to really cook isn’t such a necessity. But I bought this book because I love retro things from the 50’s and I was also hoping to replace all those cookbooks and card recipes cluttering up my kitchen with one that would get more use. I have too many other cookbooks that I rarely or never even use. I hate the ones that don’t stay open on the counter and more than that, I hate when pages fall out. Most other cookbooks are so dry and boring.

The price is so much better here on Amazon than in stores, even taking shipping into account. I received my book even before the e.t.a. that gave me. The binder is lovely and the glossy, ring-bound pages are a pleasure to flip through. I love the tabbed dividers between chapters and the whimsical illustrations of animated foods as well as the lovely photos of delicious dishes. The language of the text is colorful, so it’s very engaging as well as educational. I have learned not only how to make tasty foods that smell great, but also how to present them attractively and how to get more vegetables into my diet in an appetizing way, which was more than I had bargained for! Having made several tasty dishes from this book, I’m thinking about giving all my other cookbooks the heave-ho!

5 Stars Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book
Product delivered in a timely manner. The product itself is the quintessential midwestern cookbook. If pressed to have only one cookbook in my kitchen this would be it. Reminds me of being a child when my mom used this extensively.

3 Stars good cookbook
I didn’t read the description enough. I didn’t realize it was a cookbook printed in 1950. The recipes are simple and not alot of ingridients like the newer cookbooks. The first time I went shopping for the ingredients my grocery cart was about half full as usual.

5 Stars don’t remember
this book is wonderful to use in cooking and teaching kids to learn to cook.

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