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Better Homeschool, Better Life

Posted Mar 21 2013 2:00pm

As you homeschool you are not only providing your child a better education with increased knowledge and more opportunity but you are also creating a better life on a daily basis. When children grow and learn in the positive and supportive environment they are thriving.

“Childhood is not preparation for adulthood – it is a part of life.” – A. Neill

Below is a list of five easy checkpoints to insure you are creating a better homeschool and a better life.

  1. You are the Model. Children mirror what they see so be sure to be positive and confident so they can too. Have full faith in your children, your homeschool and their ability to learn. As you find out that you are doing as much or more parenting than homeschooling, keep it positive and encouraging. Remember their basic needs of love, security and self-esteem need to be provided for just as much if not more so than the academics.
  2. Be Organized. By creating an environment, schedule and accountability your homeschool will be off to great success. When you create this as a lifestyle then your day will flow naturally, goals will get accomplished and everyone will be fully supported.
  3. Allow Creativity. Children are natural born creative’s. They love building things out of cardboard, paper, wood, and tape, yes, lots and lots of tape. Keep them well supplied with all the things they need including various art mediums. Life is messy so let them make the mess but also help them learn how to clean up their messes before moving to the next thing.
  4. Connect with Other Homeschoolers. With a great many homeschoolers around the world now you are likely to find a local group you can gather with and share in activities and fun. The children really enjoy getting together with other children who are homeschooled and parents can find much camaraderie and friendship with other parents.
  5. Community Involvement/Volunteer. As a group with your local homeschool group or individually explore ways you and your children can be active in your community by providing volunteer time. Children love helping and this becomes easier and they become more capable. Beginning these habits now will ensure they are active community members as they mature.

Click to Tweet: “By creating an environment, schedule and accountability your homeschool will be off to great success.” -Donna Vail via@DrMommy

“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.” -Galileo Galilei

 Parents Inspired to Action:

  • Review the five easy check points above and see if there are any you can add to your homeschool. If you are already practicing this how can you improve upon it? Remember to review periodically as changes take place within your own homeschool.

  Children Inspired to Action:

  • Bring the children along as you review the five easy check points above. They will be eager to share with you what they are most interested in. If anything needs reorganizing do it together with the children and as they get older it will come naturally for them.

How has homeschooling benefited you and your family’s life? Please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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